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National Onion Rings Day - Tue June 22

June 22 - National Onion Rings Day
Onion rings are, as the name suggests, rings of onion that have been dipped in batter and deep fried. As they are prevalent in most countries with Western in...

National HVAC Tech Day - Tue June 22

June 22 - National HVAC Tech Day
Now that it's summer and the days are heating up, chances are we're all overusing our HVAC systems, and that can lead to some breakage! And when we need main...

National Chocolate Eclair Day - Tue June 22

June 22 - National Chocolate Eclair Day
An eclair is a light French pastry filled with cream and covered in chocolate. They're a classic and delicious dessert and can bring any dinner party to the ...

National Pecan Sandies Day - Wed June 23

June 23 - National Pecan Sandies Day
This American cookie is so special, so classic, that it deserves a full day of celebration all to itself. These cookies are similar to a shortbread in textur...

National Pink Day - Wed June 23

June 23 - National Pink Day
Pink is the colour linked with femininity and innocence, and is named after a flower of the same name. It's a sensitive and childish colour that is celebrate...

National Hydration Day - Wed June 23

June 23 - National Hydration Day
National Hydration Day reminds all of us to replace the fluids we've lost frolicking in the summer heat. Becoming dehydrated is incredibly dangerous, and eve...

National Detroit-Style Pizza Day - Wed June 23

June 23 - National Detroit-Style Pizza Day
Detroit style pizza is different from other styles of pizza because the crust is much deeper, it's incredibly cheesy, and it's made in a square shape. It was...

National Handshake Day - Thu June 24

June 24 - National Handshake Day
The handshake is one of the most important elements of human connection. It can be used as a greeting, or a sign of agreement, or as a massive power move too...

National Bomb Pop Day - Thu June 24

June 24 - National Bomb Pop Day
A summer favourite, the bomb pop has been around for as long as anyone can remember. This multi-coloured frozen treat is a summer staple and is shaped like a...

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