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Meant to draw attention to the importance of hydrating our bodies, some might assume that’s a good reason to throw back a cocktail or three.There is, of course, National Beer Day on April 7th, which is noted to have been celebrated by man since before the beginning of time, International Whisk(e)y Day on March 27th and National Vodka Day on October 4th. (Beer wasn’t actually celebrated before the dawn of time but early cavemen were known to quaff a beer or three.)No matter your favorite hobby, food or event, there’s probably a national day of recognition to mark the occasion. With more events to celebrate than days in a year, one can easily commemorate a half dozen or more events each and every day of the week!Whether you like to lick a refreshing cone of ice cream (September 22nd), or imitate our simian friends on International Monkey Day (December 14th) or get whacky by participating in the Wallace and Gromit-inspired Wrong Trousers Day (July 2nd), there are so many ways to have fun. If the thought of tracking so many celebrations overwhelms you, relax. We got you covered via our National Day Directory website. The site not only aggregates National Day information but you can also download the plug-in to customize your Gmail signature. You also have the option to place a rotating quote as the tagline to your emails through our quotes plug-in. (Links to both of these features are located at the top of the homepage.) Customized taglines, either by way of an aspiring quote, a National Day of celebration or both, are sure to be conversation starters as well as a way to brighten the day of your family, friends and colleagues.