American Business Women’s Day

September 22, 2021

September 21 - American Business Women’s Day

What Is American Business Women’s Day?

The aim of this observance is to shine a light on the accomplishments of business women across the country. These women have started businesses that provide jobs for millions of workers across the country, and that provide services and products for even more of us. They are an inspiration to us all in terms of their dedication to their businesses and the amount of hard work they’re willing to put in to reach their goals and succeed. Small businesses are becoming the primary income for many families, and many small businesses are women owned. On this day, let us honor each and every one and do our best to support them all. Shoutout some of your favourite female-owned businesses, or attend some seminars in your area to learn more about all that it takes to reach their level of expertise.

When Is American Business Women’s Day?

To honor business women from across the nation, we celebrate American Business Women’s Day on September 22nd.

History Of American Business Women’s Day

The first American Business Women’s Day was sponsored in 1982 by the American Business Women’s Association.


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