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American Touch Tag Day - 2021-10-08
What is American Touch Tag Day?
“Tag, you’re it!” That's a sound from our childhood. Tag is a great game - at school recess, the park, and home. Tag's played in schools across America in Physical Education classes. We played it, our parents played it, and our great grandparents did, too. In fact, touch tag's been around since Ancient Roman times. Tag is a simple game with no set number of players. One person chases the others, with the aim to touch tag another person. Tagging them disqualifies those people from the game. The winner of touch tag is the one who's not been “tagged.” Some people set safe zones. Others run around frantically trying to get away from the person who is the chaser. American Touch Tag Day is an opportunity to relive our childhoods with our family and friends. You can make things interesting by having different teams. The overall winners are the team that has the most people still standing.
When is American Touch Tag Day?
American Touch Tag Day has inspired many people to let loose and have fun. We celebrate this enormously fun day on October 8th annually.
History of American Touch Tag Day
We do not know the origin of American Touch Tag Day but will continue to research the day.
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