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Anne & Samantha Day - 2021-12-21
What is Anne & Samantha Day?
The day was created to put Anne and Samantha on a US postage stamp because they had a positive influence on schoolchildren in the 20th and 21st centuries, acknowledge that while both girls faced difficult situations, they contributed to improving the world, by staying hopeful. Many people wrote to The Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, pleading with them to consider putting the two girls on postage stamps. The current goal is to have the Samantha Smith stamp debut on June 29, 2022, on what would have been her fiftieth birthday, and to have the Anne Frank stamp debut on June 12, 2029, on what would have been her one-hundredth birthday.  
When is Anne & Samantha Day?
Celebrated bi-annually, Anne Frank Day and Samantha Smith Day honor the lives of two women who made an impact on society. This year it falls on December 21th!
History of Anne & Samantha Day
Supporters for postage stamps honoring Anne Frank and Samantha Smith created “Anne and Samantha Day.”
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