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Autonomous Vehicle Day - 2021-05-31
What is Autonomous Vehicle Day?
Fully autonomous cars and trucks that drive us instead of us driving them. Driverless cars in test areas continue to expand. According to the Brookings Institution, one-quarter of all cars will be autonomous by 2040. National Autonomous Vehicle Day recognizes that the future is here. And that future is in the form of a self-driving car that gets us safely from point A to B.
When is Autonomous Vehicle Day?
May 31st is National Autonomous Vehicle Day and experience the realization of science and technology merging like never before. An autonomous vehicle, including self-driving cars (both manned and unmanned) and unmanned aerial vehicles, may seem like something out of science fiction movie but it is reality and the future.
History of Autonomous Vehicle Day
The Registrar proclaimed the day in 2017 to be observed annually. Emerging Prairie and Marlo Anderson founded National Autonomous Vehicle Day to celebrate the advances in the Autonomous Vehicle industry and the potential opportunities for business and technology growth related to this phenomenal concept.
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