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Bathtub Party Day - 2021-12-05
What is Bathtub Party Day?
Skip your shower and take a bath instead. This is the best way to indulge in luxury and relax. Bathtub Party Day is a great way to do just that. With our busy lives, the time to relax is crucially important. But, it is not always possible, with that big project at work or that crazy schedule at home. So, how do we relax? The answer is simple: by taking a hot bath. It does not matter if you're feeling stressed or have skin conditions such as dry skin. This simple act of relaxation will help heal your body and allow you to feel like yourself again.    
When is Bathtub Party Day?
Bathtub Party Day is celebrated on December 5 every year.
History of Bathtub Party Day
The Roys at Wellcat created this National Day.
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