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Beer Can Appreciation Day - 2022-01-24
What is Beer Can Appreciation Day?
The cans in which the beer is stored limit both oxygen and light exposure, keeping the beer fresh and tasty for longer. They may seem small, but aluminum cans are a huge part of the American beer business. 62% of all beer brewed and sold in the US is packaged in aluminum cans, up from 56% just 10 years ago. Looking at imported beer, 26% of the beer that gets brought into the US comes in cans, up from only 16% in the last decade.
When is Beer Can Appreciation Day?
The National Beer Can Appreciation Day is celebrated on January 24th.
History of Beer Can Appreciation Day
The first beer can was finally developed in 1933 by American Can, for Gottfried Krueger's Brewing Company. The benefits of cans became obvious quickly- they were lighter than bottles and less likely to break. While the cans weren't totally light, they were easier to transport than glass bottles could be.
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