Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17, 2021

August 17 - Black Cat Appreciation Day

What Is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

National Black Cat Day aims to dispel and disprove all of the superstitions and myths that surround black cats, of which there are very many. Cultures all over the world believe that black cats are evil, that they work with the devil, or that they are simply bad luck to be around. A lot of this negativity has managed to sneak into modern day culture leading to very low adoption rates and very high abuse rates for black cats, who truly don’t deserve the treatment. They’re just as lovable and adorable as any other little kitty! On National Black Cat Day, let’s advocate for these mistreated little beings. If you happen to be in the market, try your best to look out for a black cat who needs a home, and try your best to give them the love they might never have had.

When Is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

On August 17th, we give a nod to the under-appreciated, and most deserving of the pet community, the black cat.

History Of Black Cat Appreciation Day

We have been unable to find the creator of this national day.


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