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Black Poetry Day - 2021-10-17
What is Black Poetry Day?
Are you a poetry lover? Do you know the history of black poetry in America? The United States is home to many African American poets, authors, musicians, and rappers. Rap sounds like noise to, but the lyrics are poetic genius. Jupiter Hammon was the first African American published poet in the US. Born into slavery, Hammon was one of a few slaves to receive an education, learned to read, and could make use of the library of the manor he worked at. Black Poetry Day honors the past and present black poets and their contribution to literature in America. We have Hammon to thank for giving a voice to Black Americans through literature, art, and music. Celebrate Black Poetry Day and read the works of black poets- like Alice Walker, Rita Dove, and Langston Hughes. If reading is not your forte’, listen to rap music and focus on the lyrics. Share more about Black Poetry Day on social media using #BlackPoetryDay.
When is Black Poetry Day?
Poets, musicians, and authors across America celebrate Black Poetry Day on October 17th each year to honor Jupiter Hammon’s birthday in 1711.
History of Black Poetry Day
Black Poetry Day was founded by musician Stanley A. Ransom in 1970 to bring attention to the accomplishments and achievements of African American Literature. In 1985, they decided that Black Poetry Day would be celebrated on October 17 to recognize Jupiter Hammon as the father of African American literature.
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