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Boxing Day - 2021-12-26
What is Boxing Day?
People around the world celebrate Boxing Day on December 26. Although Americans don't recognize Boxing Day as a holiday, people in many other parts of the world, look forward to the day after Christmas each year. The second day of Christmas is known as Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day. St Stephen was the first Christian martyr. The Boxing Day tradition is an interesting way for the rich to show their generosity. The name "Boxing day" comes from when servants would receive gifts on Christmas Eve or Boxing afternoon, which was traditionally a holiday so they could have time off work with family friends before it started again in earnest at midnight during Christmastime celebrations. The custom has evolved over centuries into giving presents throughout December 25th if not sooner-these days often include items such as food items rather than money because many people don't earn enough income just yet again after spending all year long saving up finances!  
When is Boxing Day?
Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day on December 26th.
History of Boxing Day
Since 1871, England, Wales, Ireland, and Canada officially celebrate Boxing Day.
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