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Buffalo Soldiers Day - 2021-07-28
What is Buffalo Soldiers Day?
After the Civil War, the United States Congress established the very first Army regiment comprised on solely African American men. This first regiment was called the Buffalo Soldiers and they protected the unsettled lands of America. The Buffalo Soldiers were known as dedicated soldiers during the Spanish-American War and World War 1. In 1944, the units began to be integrated with the rest of the military. A monument was erected to honor the Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1992. The oldest living Buffalo Soldier died at age 111 on September 6, 2005.
When is Buffalo Soldiers Day?
The first African American Army regiment was formed on July 28th of 1866, and it is on the anniversary of this day that we celebrate Buffalo Soldiers Day.
History of Buffalo Soldiers Day
The United States Congress passed a law to honor Buffalo Soldiers in 1992, and commemorations have been held across the United States ever since.
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