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Buy Nothing Day - 2021-11-26
What is Buy Nothing Day?
National Buy Nothing Day occurs on the day after Thanksgiving every year in the U.S. In 2009, it occurred on November 27. In the UK, this is known as Buy Nothing New Month and takes place in December each year. The objective is to promote awareness of issues such as consumerism and overconsumption. Black Friday is an American shopping day that occurs on the day following Thanksgiving. It has become popular because of the discounts and deals that are often offered for this day. Ted Dave was a graphic artist who grew frustrated with Black Friday’s negative aspects, so he created Buy Nothing Day in 1992 to combat these behaviors.
When is Buy Nothing Day?
National Buy Nothing Day takes place every November 26 in the US. This year it is on Monday, November 26.
History of Buy Nothing Day
Originating in Canada in the early ’90s.
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