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Christmas Card Day - 2021-12-09
What is Christmas Card Day?
The annual Christmas card has become a popular time-honored tradition among friends and family members (or maybe it's mandated by your family). It's a way to catch up with distant relatives or friends that you care about throughout the year. The card can show how much your children have grown or how big of a move you have made. While the practice seems common, it seems to be fading away over time. Louis Prang, a Prussian immigrant with a print shop near Boston, is credited with creating the first Christmas card originating in the United States in 1875. Unlike Cole and Horsley’s of 30 years prior, it didn’t even contain a Christmas or holiday image.  
When is Christmas Card Day?
Christmas Card Day is celebrated on the 9th of December.
History of Christmas Card Day
Sir Henry Cole created the first Christmas Card in 1843.
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