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Collector Car Appreciation Day - 2021-07-09
What is Collector Car Appreciation Day?
Automobile collection and restoration is a fairly popular hobby among modern Americans, both young and old. As the industry grows and changes, as does the interest of the American hobbyist. From the days of the railroad to the time of the Tesla, cars have a soft spot in many young people's hearts. Celebrate the day by celebrating cars. Attend a car show, shout out a car restorer, and snap pics in your favourite classic car.
When is Collector Car Appreciation Day?
What better time to celebrate the classic, American automobile than on Collector Car Appreciation Day? The day is celebrated annually in July and recognises the vital role of automobile restoration and collection in American society.
History of Collector Car Appreciation Day
The SEMA Action Network has sponsored Collector Car Appreciation Day since 2009.
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