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Congressional Startup Day - 2021-08-18
What is Congressional Startup Day?
In the United States, small businesses are popping up all over, and many people are trying out the life of an entrepreneur. It is not an easy life, and success in the field does not come easy. On Congressional Startup Day, there is a chance for these budding entrepreneurs to have direct contact with lawmakers to discuss laws and rules surrounding beginning a business, and to ask for help and advice. On this day, representatives from Congress return to their districts to listen to concerns and to observe the differences and impacts made by these entrepreneurs in their communities. In this way, policy makers get an inside view on how to help small businesses to get started and to make their way up to a successful company.
When is Congressional Startup Day?
Congressional Startup Day on August 18th provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with lawmakers.
History of Congressional Startup Day
Representatives Jared Polis and Darrell Issa founded Startup Day Across America in 2013. In 2018, the event expanded to Startup Week, and then again to Congressional Startup Day in 2019. The week long events focus on startups, their needs, and their concerns.
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