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Constitution Day and Citizenship Day - 2021-09-17
What is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?
Schools throughout the United States are required to teach students about the Constitution on Constitution and Citizenship Day on September 17th. On this day we commemorate the document that guides our country, leaders, and citizens. While the Constitution was crafted by many hands, it was most notably drafted by James Madison. Those who participated in its creation gathered in Independence Hall in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787. This convention was held from May 25 to September 17th when the document was signed and adopted by the United States legislation. The Constitution divided the government into three branches: the legislative branch to make the laws; the executive to execute the laws; and, the judicial to interpret the laws. Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and George Washington all signed the Constitution. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to sign and acknowledge the Constitution with the other states following shortly thereafter.
When is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is observed annually on September 17th on the day on which the Constitution of the United States of America was adopted. Citizenship Day celebrates those individuals who have become United States citizens.
History of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
This holiday dates all the way back to 1911 when schools in Iowa first recognized Constitution Day. In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared “I am an American Day,” and Congress designated the third Sunday in May to celebrate it. On February 29, 1952, Congress changed the name from “I am an American Day” to “Citizenship Day” and moved its observation to September 17. In 2004, the day was renamed Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.
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