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Data Privacy Day - 2022-01-28
What is Data Privacy Day?
Do you care about data privacy? It's International Data Privacy Day! Every year on January 28, we celebrate the importance of personal information and its protection. With all these breaches happening in our daily life from cybercriminals trying to get ahold of us through social media sites like Facebook chatting with friends who don't know they're talking directly into somebody else's microphone or texts sent without thinking twice about what might show up if seen by someone else - it makes sense that now more than ever before people should be aware how important this stuff really is.
When is Data Privacy Day?
The day Data Privacy Day is an opportunity to celebrate all of the innovations in data protection and privacy over the years on 28 January
History of Data Privacy Day
The day was initiated by the Council of Europe to be first held in 2007 as European Data Protection Day. Two years later, on January 26th 2009, US House Resolution HR 31 passed 402 -0 with one abstention declaring it National Data Privacy Day! And again two more times over until 2010-2011 for which America's Senate recognized these dates too making us four nations who are united by this observance: Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and United States Of America.
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