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Dear Diary Day - 2021-09-22
What is Dear Diary Day?
Dear Diary, September 22nd is Dear Diary Day. It’s a day to celebrate the way you help us document our lives. If you don’t keep a diary, consider starting one. Journaling every day has several benefits. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, improves our vocabulary and language skills, and broadens our thinking. When you're stressed, grab a pen and paper. Writing out our stressors helps us organize our thoughts and develop tools for dealing with our everyday struggles. By writing regularly, we can focus on resolving issues and achieving goals. Over time, our diary can offer many rewards including memories of successful events and lessons learned from mistakes. But diaries are more than just a stress reliever. They offer us a glimpse into how we have changed and remind us of events long forgotten. Diaries also provide a reference for future generations. While many may think of diaries as a place to keep secrets, they also provide an insight into the past. They remind us of the way life has changed over the years, but also show us how it has remained the same.
When is Dear Diary Day?
Dear Diary Day is celebrated on September 22 of every year.
History of Dear Diary Day
Thomas and Ruth Roy at created Dear Diary Day.
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