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Eat Your Jello Day - 2021-07-12
What is Eat Your Jello Day?
The name of the day tells it all! This is the day to eat as much Jell-O as you possibly can! Jell-O was invented in 1897 by Pearle Wait from Leroy, New York. The dessert is easy to make and super fun to eat, and comes in a huge variety of flavours to please even the most stubborn palate. As a bonus to it's deliciousness, Jell-O is also a famous science class staple for it's unusual texture and the way that it straddles the line between a liquid and a solid. There are about a million recipes involving Jell-O. Give some of them a shot today!
When is Eat Your Jello Day?
Eat Your Jello Day, one of the most fun holidays around, is observed on July 12th.
History of Eat Your Jello Day
We are unable to pinpoint the creations of this jiggly treat's national day. We will be sure to keep you posted!
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