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Electronic Greetings Day - 2021-11-29
What is Electronic Greetings Day?
Technology has become more and more important in our daily lives over the last few decades. Technology is continuing to progress (there's no arguing that), which means that electronic greetings are inevitable. Big holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day are always fun to celebrate with family and friends. But don’t forget about the little holiday known as Electronic Greetings Day! This day is dedicated to sending funny, cute, or plain annoying electronic greetings (like those funny “We Miss You” cards).  
When is Electronic Greetings Day?
Take a few moments to send a digital greeting this Electronic Greetings Day celebrated on November 29th annually.
History of Electronic Greetings Day
Judith Donath created the first electronic greeting card site in 1994 at the MIT Media Lab.
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