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Forefathers Day - 2021-12-22
What is Forefathers Day?
The Old Colony Club has been honoring the forefathers since 1769. It began at 6:00 AM on Cole’s Hill, the site of their first settlement, with a march by members to the top of the hill and a climb up Massasoit’s statue. They read a proclamation honoring the forefathers, followed by a ritual firing of their cannon. The Old Colony Club and the Mayflower Society both include a succotash dinner as part of their celebration. Sauquetash was recorded as a part of the first celebration. Unlike later versions of succotash, in Plymouth, succotash is served as a broth containing large pieces of fowl and meat that are sliced at the table. The Old Colony Club did not call the Forefathers “pilgrims” either. In the 1800s, a New England dinner was a major part of Thanksgiving. People gathered to share a meal and talk about the important lessons learned since the Pilgrims arrived in 1620. They also discussed their history.
When is Forefathers Day?
Each year, the Old Colony Club of Plymouth, Massachusetts, reminds everyone of the Pilgrims’ landing in Plymouth on December 21, 1620. The club introduced this observance in 1769. The town observes the day on December 22nd (unless it is on Sunday, then on the following Monday).
History of Forefathers Day
The Pilgrims who came to America aboard the Mayflower were called the Pilgrim Fathers. They left England in search of better days. They landed in New England, which they subsequently named.
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