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General Pulaski Memorial Day - 2021-10-11
What is General Pulaski Memorial Day?
Did you know that the American cavalry has Polish influence? Polish-born General Casimir Pulaski was a Brigadier General in the Polish Army before fleeing to France. There he met Benjamin Franklin who convinced him to go to America to serve in George Washington’s army in 1777. He worked closely with Washington, and together they created the great American cavalry. He is often referred to as the Polish Hero of the American Revolution thanks to his contributions to the creation of the cavalry. General Pulaski was injured during the Great Siege of Savannah on October 9th, 1779. He died two days later on October 11th. General Pulaski Memorial Day honors Pulaski and the Polish immigrants in America. You, too, can honor Pulaski and the Polish this General Pulaski Memorial Day by learning more about the history of the Polish people in America. Visit a cavalry museum and share on social media using #GeneralPulanskiDay.
When is General Pulaski Memorial Day?
We celebrate General Pulaski and his contributions to the American cavalry on General Pulaski Memorial Day on October 11th every year.
History of General Pulaski Memorial Day
In 1929, the United States Congress declared October 11th to be General Pulaski Memorial Day. It is only fitting that we celebrate this day on the anniversary of Pulaski’s death in 1779.
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