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Get to Know Your Customers Day - 2021-07-15
What is Get to Know Your Customers Day?
As a small business owner, you know that, right after your own hard work, your customers are the biggest reason for your success. Without them, your business can't be successful at all! On Get to Know Your Customers Day, we take a minute to appreciate our patrons and get to know them better. This can also help draw in more customers as you learn what it is your customers like and want to see. All in all, this day is a great opportunity to make your business stand out and help your customers to feel more important to you.
When is Get to Know Your Customers Day?
The third Thursday of January, April, July, and October is National Get To Know Your Customers Day!
History of Get to Know Your Customers Day
We are continuing to research the origins of this national day, and will be sure to keep you posted on what we find!
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