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Global Cat Day - 2021-10-16
What is Global Cat Day?
All cats have a right to life. This might sound silly, but did you know that cats and kittens face a higher rate of euthanization than any other animal. Animal organizations such as the ASPCA are faced with the tough decision on how to control the number of cats and kittens that end up on the street as strays. Sadly, euthanasia is the only choice. Organizations like the Alley Cat Allies have come up with a TNR program - Trap, Neuter, and Release. This reduces the number of cats in shelters and reduces animal service calls. When cats are neutered, there is a decrease in mating behavior which causes public disturbances. Global Cat Day was founded to bring awareness of the benefits of TNR programs and to recognize that all cats have a right to life. This Global Cat Day, donate to a TNR program. Learn more about the benefits be speaking to your local shelter. Share the benefits on social media using #GlobalCatDay and encourage others to do the same.
When is Global Cat Day?
Global Cat Day is celebrated on October 16th across America by raising awareness of the effectiveness of Trap, Neuter, and Release programs. These are run by various organizations that have our furry friends’ interests at heart.
History of Global Cat Day
The Alley Cat Allies, a cat and kitten advocacy group, founded National Feral Cat Day in 2001, which later became Global Cat Day in 2017.
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