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Global Kinetic Sand™ Day - 2021-08-11
What is Global Kinetic Sand™ Day?
Kinetic Sand™ is a unique and interesting play thing that is made of real sand with a play dough consistency! Kinetic Sand holds its shape as you shape and slice, and never dries out so you can play with it over and over and over again. It's made of real sand but doesn't involve the mess of going to the beach or playing outside, and is a wonderful way to let kids (or yourself!) get creative and fun. It is also extremely relaxing and therapeutic to play with. The sensation of the cool sand in your hands is quite grounding and can help with anxiety or general unease. Kinetic Sand™ is the toy we all wish we had growing up, and we finally get to take advantage of its greatness!
When is Global Kinetic Sand™ Day?
Let your creative juices flow with Global Kinetic Sand™ Day, on August 11th!
History of Global Kinetic Sand™ Day
Global Kinetic Sand Day was founded on August 11th of 2020 by Spin Master LTD, to celebrate the magic of Kinetic Sand, the sand that never dries out and that can be molded and shaped to your heart's desire!
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