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Gold Star Spouses Day - 2022-04-05
What is Gold Star Spouses Day?
Gold Star Family Day is a holiday created to honor the surviving loved ones of fallen military members. The term Gold Star Spouse and Gold Star Wife refer to these loved ones. The term Gold Star Family traditionally refers to the surviving loved ones of brave men and women who died in service to our country. American culture is always evolving. When we come upon a new societal trend, it takes time for our institutions to catch up. Take Gold Star Wives Day and Gold Star Spouses Day — they mean the same thing. Many people use both interchangeably. This holiday memorializes the sacrifices of military spouses. They are often unsung heroes, and they deserve to be recognized for their loyalty and support.
When is Gold Star Spouses Day?
Gold Star Spouses Day is recognized on April 5th every year!
History of Gold Star Spouses Day
In 1936, a congressional resolution was created to honor Gold Star mothers on the last Sunday in September. In 2011, President Obama amended it to “Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day.”
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