Gorgeous Grandma Day

July 23, 2021

What Is Gorgeous Grandma Day?

Gorgeous grandma day aims to celebrate and appreciate the “grandmothers” in our lives, whether or not they’re actually grandmothers. Grandmas are known to be unconditionally loving, fun to be around, and supportive to no end. Any lady of a certain age who embodies this “grandma energy” deserves to be celebrated on this Gorgeous Grandma Day, be it your grandma, your aunt, or even just a friend. Grandmas come in all shapes and sizes and yet, they’re endlessly special to us. Honour your grandmas today with a visit, a gift, or even just a nice text. It’s truly the thought that counts!

When Is Gorgeous Grandma Day?

On June 23rd, we observe Gorgeous Grandma Day to pay homage to all the ladies of a certain age ho bring the love and warmth of a grandma to our lives.

History Of Gorgeous Grandma Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day was established by Alice Solomon in 1984 as a way to celebrate, honour, and recognize the accomplishments of all the women of a certain age in our lives.


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