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Halloween - 2021-10-31
What is Halloween?
In the late 1800s, Americans were looking for ways to make Halloween a less scary and more friendly holiday. They wanted it so that children could enjoy dressing up in costume while also getting together with their neighbors on porch swings or lawn chairs under luminarias as old times do! Halloween has always been a time for creativity and expression. From the first costumes of strawmen or tribal masks to more modern creations like fantastical creatures and costumed beings that defy explanation. Halloween is all about putting on an outfit fit for any occasion--even one as wild-looking as its namesake! The tradition started in America around 1780 when people would dress up according to their wealth or status within each community: those who had money wore fine clothes such as tailcoats while commoners put together outfits out of things they could find at home.
When is Halloween?
Halloween or Hallowe'en is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October each year.
History of Halloween
Halloween’s origins date back to The Celtic festival of Samhain was a time to prepare for the winter and celebrate their new year. They believed that on November 1st, all spirits would go into hibernation until April 1st when they return out of respect for summer's arrival. A tradition still practiced today by many pagans around Europe who live off-the-grid as 17th-century clansmen did!
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