Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

May 16, 2021

What Is Honor Our LGBT Elders Day?

This day exists to pay tribute to those who have paved the way for the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Intersex) community, to obtain and continue to seek important legislation and rights. We need to thank numerous LGBTQI elders for the strides made over the last several decades towards equality. Their struggles and victories are marked by courage, persistence, passion, and authenticity. So, today, we celebrate them.

When Is Honor Our LGBT Elders Day?

May 16 is National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. To celebrate the trailblazers in this movement.

History Of Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

In 2015 Nate Sweeney founded Honor Our LGBT Elders Day to recognize the contributions and leadership of the older members of the LGBTQI community. The rights and acceptance that LGBTQI individuals have today did not occur in a vacuum or happen by accident. The LGBTQI elders worked hard to gain rights and social acceptance. LGBTQI elders persevered in driving the agenda for LGBTQI equality, in spite of the criminalization, violence, homophobia and the profound loss associated with the AIDS epidemic. They refused to allow society to ignore their presence. LGBTQI elders paved the way for new generations of LGBTQI individuals to not just exist but to flourish.


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