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I Love Yarn Day - 2021-10-09
What is I Love Yarn Day?
Knitting's no longer just for old ladies. Yarn crafts are a fantastic way to relax - and create unique items. There are many types of yarn crafts to choose from. You can try your hand at crocheting, weaving, string art, and many more. Many people make and sell crafted items for extra cash. For others, it is just a relaxing hobby. Yarn crafts are the perfect way to relax at the end of a long day. There's no limit to what you can make when crafting with yarn. I Love Yarn Day is a celebration of yarn crafts. Show off your creations on social media with #ILoveYarn. If you've never tried yarn crafting before, now's the time to learn.
When is I Love Yarn Day?
Crafters across the country celebrate I Love Yarn Day on the second Saturday of October every year. This year, that day falls on October 9th.
History of I Love Yarn Day
In 2011, The Craft Yarn Council founded I Love Yarn Day to spread its love of yarn crafts. The council operates as a non-profit focusing on the health benefits of crafting with yarn.
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