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International Legging Day - 2021-10-18
What is International Legging Day?
Everyone knows that leggings are an essential year-round item, but fall is the time to break out your favorite pair. It’s legging season, and with winter around the corner, it’s time to get geared up for International Legging Day! Once upon a time, leggings were just another layer to stay warm and comfortable. But now, they are more than just fashion — they are a popular trend that combines comfort and style. In the 1950s, they were a wardrobe staple. In the ‘60s, they were an essential workout item. Now, they continue to be a trend that combines comfort and style. When leggings first emerged, they were maligned as being too revealing. But over time, they became accepted as a standard gym attire. Now they are engineered to be more fashionable and enhance your workout. When you wear them outside of the gym, you’re wearing something that is so versatile that it can fit any style. As athleisure clothing increases in popularity, so too does the legging. This comfortable, figure-hugging style doesn’t just change how we dress at the gym—it changes how we dress everywhere! The versatile legging has sparked a global trend that encourages women to embrace comfort and stay active.
When is International Legging Day?
international Legging Day every October 18th.
History of International Legging Day
Fabletics, a legging retailer, has created an official Legging Day. This holiday celebrates the style staple during the official legging season which is year-round.
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