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International Mahjong Day - 2021-08-01
What is International Mahjong Day?
International Mahjong Day is happening on August 1st. This day is all about celebrating the game of mahjong. If you want to honor the day, play well and win! The game is very much like rummy, but instead of playing with cards, we use tiles. The tiles are beautifully designed with Chinese characters and symbols. When you meld the tiles together, you earn points. The types of melds in the game include pongs, kongs, chows, and even the mighty Mahjong. Mahjong is a game that requires great effort and skill. As a result, it brings people from different backgrounds together. When people from many different neighborhoods and communities play Mahjong, they also communicate with one another. The game also bridges the gap between generations because people of all ages play Mahjong.
When is International Mahjong Day?
National Mahjong Day is celebrated on August 1.
History of International Mahjong Day
Riichi Mahjong Central is the brainchild behind International Mahjong Day. The goal of this event is to increase the awareness of Mahjong, which has been growing in popularity in Japan. Japanese-style Mahjong has become so popular that it is now being called a professional sport. Just like the United States, leagues are being formed with professional players and tournaments.
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