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iPod Day - 2021-10-23
What is iPod Day?
Portable music devices were popular from the late 1970s. It was until October 23rd, 2001 that music lovers the world over had their lives "shuffled." The Apple iPod changed the way we listened to music (from cassette tapes and CDs to digital files) on portable music devices and to how we purchased our favourite tracks and albums. Today our smartphones have replaced iPods and dedicated portable music devices. In fact, the iPod introduced not only high-definition music to our ears while we walked our cities, rode on trains, and exercised, but it paved the way for digital media in our lives. Have you still got your iPod? Play your favorite tracks on iPod Day and share them on social media with #iPodDay.
When is iPod Day?
The Apple iPod changed the portable music device market forever. The world celebrates this small device's huge impact on society and the world each year on October 23rd. Happy National iPod Day!
History of iPod Day
We don't know who founded National iPod Day, but we'll take a moment to celebrate the great man behind the Apple iPod, Steve Jobs, on this day until we can find the founder of this national day.
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