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Job Action Day - 2021-11-01
What is Job Action Day?
Celebrate by exploring your options. National Job Action Day is a day to recognize and empower those who dream of having a job they love. Job Action Day was intended to empower and inspire hard-working people who dreamed of achieving more. This holiday gives us an opportunity to focus on our dreams and career goals.
When is Job Action Day?
National Job Action Day falls on the first Monday in November every year, Job Action Day is to empower job seekers to be creative and brave while looking for employment.
History of Job Action Day
In 2008, Quintcareers created Job Action Day. It was developed under the sponsorship of LiveCareer, It was designed to encourage job seekers to think outside the box and to focus on getting a job that fulfills their ambitions. The hope is that candidates will feel more focused and ambitious when it comes to finding the job that is right for them. The day includes those who want to get the tools and resources needed to master a job search and land their dream or learn how to make their current job a dream job.
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