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Leap Second Time Adjustment Day - 2021-12-31
What is Leap Second Time Adjustment Day?
The earth's rotation is slowing down, and it's causing a problem for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). UTC has to be updated all the time so that watches around the world can keep accurate time. The way they do this is by adding extra seconds into June 30th or December 31st each year without bothering anyone! This doesn’t happen very often - about every 2-3 years we get another leap second event; if you're wondering why there are only 24 hours in one day instead of 25 like what most people would naively expect then congratulations because your instincts were spot on!
When is Leap Second Time Adjustment Day?
Leap seconds are traditionally added either on June 30 or on December 31.
History of Leap Second Time Adjustment Day
The leap-second system was first introduced in 1972 by Scientists.
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