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Library Shelfie Day - 2022-01-26
What is Library Shelfie Day?
The New York Public Library started this annual tradition of library selfies, or “shelfies”. These are photographs that one takes on their shelves and shares with friends via social media! The NYPL has teamed up with Twitter to create Library Shelfie Day, an annual event that encourages book lovers of all types and shapes to post their favorite photos on social media. This isn't just about showing your passion for reading; it's also a chance to show off some pride in being an avid reader!
When is Library Shelfie Day?
Library Shelfie Day is celebrated on the fourth Wednesday of January.
History of Library Shelfie Day
Library Shelfie Day is a day that celebrates all of the beautiful library shelves. This tradition began in 2014 as an innovative marketing campaign for libraries around North America, and it has been so successful they've decided to make it an annual event!
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