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Look Up at the Sky Day - 2022-04-14
What is Look Up at the Sky Day?
On April 14, Look Up At The Sky Day encourages us to appreciate the beauty above us. We hope for good weather, but even if it rains, we can still appreciate the sky. It is often said that if you can't see the sky, you're missing half of everything. On this day, we all admire the sky and its colors. If you sit back, relax, and look up, there are many things that you can see. The sky is blue. There are clouds in the sky that have many shapes. The sun may be peeking through the clouds. Birds fly around. At night, there are stars in the sky. The moon is out. And even clouds drift across the sky.
When is Look Up at the Sky Day?
Look Up at the Sky Day is celebrated annually on April 14th!
History of Look Up at the Sky Day
National Day Calendar believes Look Up At The Sky Day was created in honor of Jack Borden, founder of For Spacious Skies.
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