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Loomis Day - 2021-05-30
What is Loomis Day?
Loomis Day recognizes the man who received the patent for wireless telegraphy in 1872-Mahlon Loomis. The Washington, D.C. dentist, received US patent number 129,971 titled “An Improvement in Telegraphing” on wireless telegraphy in July of 1872 beating Guglielmo Marconi’s United Kingdom patent by nearly 25 years. Loomis was also the inventor of artificial teeth and one of the earliest inventors of wireless communication. Mahlon Loomis was born on July 21, 1826 and he died on October 13, 1886.
When is Loomis Day?
Loomis Day is celebrated every year on May 30th.
History of Loomis Day
In 1868 before several scientists and Congressmen, Loomis demonstrated his wireless telegraphic system. Although he couldn’t explain how he was able to produce the transmission, he appealed to Congress for an appropriation to incorporate the Loomis Aerial Telegraph Company for research. Senator Charles Sumner introduced the bill, and on May 30, 1872, the Committee on Commerce reported poorly on the measure. Stripped of its appropriations, it eventually passed in 1873 strictly as a bill of incorporation. Richard Birch of Puns Corp founded Loomis Day.
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