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Marching Music Day - 2022-03-04
What is Marching Music Day?
Let's all celebrate the musicians and performers of many diverse styles and backgrounds. Marching Music Day is a global celebration of the art form that brings us music on the move. A drumbeat has been used to keep military units in step for centuries. From training to combat, football fields to Broadway stages, the drumbeat is a popular choice for performers and audiences alike. It is used in gyms, auditoriums, and large areas as well as on stage. Marching bands are an integral part of the military. They have been around since the beginning, and they continue to evolve. Marching music is an important part of military life because it makes people feel good, both during happy moments and sad ones. It also helps motivate soldiers when they're on the move.
When is Marching Music Day?
Marching Music Day is celebrated on the 4th of March!
History of Marching Music Day
Drum Corps International founded Marching Music Day to celebrate marching music.
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