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Marine Corps Birthday - 2021-11-10
What is Marine Corps Birthday?
Marine Corps is a branch of the US Air Force that provides powerful protection from the seas. It was established on November 10, 1775, and disbanded at the end of the American Revolutionary War. Congress officially established the United States Marine Corps on July 11, 1798. There are currently 186,000 active members of the Marine Corps, with another 35,500 reserves as of 2017. These brave men and women continue the tradition as protectors of the US and its people. Celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday this year by learning their history and attending various celebrations across the country. Give thanks and share your pictures and stories on social media using #MarineCorpsBirthday.
When is Marine Corps Birthday?
Military members and civilians alike celebrate Marine Corps’ birthday on November 10th every year.
History of Marine Corps Birthday
General John Archer Lejeune founded the Marine Corps Birthday on November 10, 1921, to recognize the service of the Marine Corps in America.
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