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May Day - 2021-05-01
What is May Day?
May Day has a long history. The holiday has changed over time, but it remains a celebration of flowers and spring. In many ancient calendars, May 1st is the first day of summer. This was truly a cause for celebration. In the 1800s, people in a small town in the US would carry baskets of flowers and give them to everyone they knew. It was an old tradition passed down from generation to generation. Because of that, it became known as May Day Basket. In modern days, people still make these baskets on May Day. They hang the basket outside their door, ring the bell, and run away. In many cultures, May Day is a long-standing date for the celebration. Ancient celebrations included crowning a May Queen and dancing around a maypole in England. In Finland, the day is marked by parades and parties, as well as a special type of lemonade that includes lemons, brown sugar, and yeast.  
When is May Day?
May Day is observed annually on May 1st!
History of May Day
The first day of spring is a holiday that dates back to ancient Celtic tradition. People used to celebrate it by dancing, singing, and giving each other flowers. Now the holiday has been lost in the mists of time.
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