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Mayflower Day - 2021-09-16
What is Mayflower Day?
A ship named Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England with 102 souls on board in September 1620. Thanks to a small group of English separatists, a new era of American history began. The pilgrims, as they were later known, were seeking religious freedom and a better life. The Mayflower had issues landing in Virginia, but it had even bigger issues once it landed at Cape Cod. The ship was supposed to explore the mouth of the Hudson River, but these plans were disrupted by rough seas. The crew turned back and stayed at Cape Cod. For the next 3 weeks, the Pilgrims explored Cape Cod. They eventually settled on Plymouth to build their plantation.  
When is Mayflower Day?
Mayflower Day is celebrated on September 16!
History of Mayflower Day
This day is a commemoration of the Mayflower's departure. At the time, Bradford, the leader of the separatists, used the Julian calendar to record dates.
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