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Mickey Mouse Birthday - 2021-11-18
What is Mickey Mouse Birthday?
Mickey Mouse is easily one of the most recognizable and marketed fictional characters in world history. For over nine decades, his upbeat personality and goofy laugh have been putting smiles on the faces of kids everywhere. For many people who grew up watching him in movies or playing at home with their friends - it's hard to remember a time he wasn't there. We're talking about that lovable iconic critter whose smiling face adorns almost every inch of Disney theme parks across our world. The man behind this adorable character is Walt Disney himself!
When is Mickey Mouse Birthday?
Mickey Mouse's Birthday is coming up on November 18th. The iconic character, created in 1930 by Walt Disney will be 93 years old!
History of Mickey Mouse Birthday
Mickey Mouse Birthday is an occasion to celebrate the lovable mouse that was once called Oswald. His character got started on film back in November 18, 1928 but before then his story begins with Walt Disney's first sketches of a bunny while working under contract at Universal Studios - he had drawn another rabbit just one year prior!
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