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Microtia Awareness Day - 2021-11-09
What is Microtia Awareness Day?
Microtia is a congenital birth defect where one or both ears do not fully develop or are missing. This causes significant hearing loss in babies across America. 1 in every 9,000 children is born with Microtia in the US. There is no cause, and it’s usually only diagnosed at birth. It can cause facial challenges, deafness, and, of course, social challenges. Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, there is hope for Microtia sufferers. There are hearing aids, implants, surgical options, bio-ears, and 3-D printing that can improve the condition significantly. Learn more about this affliction on Microtia Awareness Day. Find out how you can help fund research towards surgeries or medical breakthroughs that can help Microtia sufferers live a normal life. If you or someone you know has Microtia, share your story on social media using #MicrotiaAwareness.
When is Microtia Awareness Day?
We celebrate Microtia Awareness Day on November 9th every year.
History of Microtia Awareness Day
Microtia Awareness Day was created by The Ear Community Organization in 2016. Started by Melissa Tumblin in 2010, the organization brings together over 6,500 people annually at events across America for Microtia Awareness Day.
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