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Miners’ Day - 2021-12-06
What is Miners’ Day?
It's an industry that's easily overlooked, but it's incredibly important. These people are the backbone of modern life. They're the ones who dig deep into the earth to find the precious materials that keep our lives running. They're looking for things that are crucial to our daily lives, like steel to make cars, copper to make electronics, and precious gems for jewelry. On this day, we celebrate the lives of miners and their contributions to our society. Though mining is a dangerous job, the industry has enabled humans to transition from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to one where food can be stored for months at a time.  
When is Miners’ Day?
National Miners Day was created to remember miners who died in the mines. It is observed on December 6.
History of Miners’ Day
National Miner’s Day is observed on December 6th, the anniversary of the worst mining accident in history. On December 6, 1907, an explosion at the Monongah mine in West Virginia killed 361 miners.
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