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National 311 Day - 2021-03-11
What is National 311 Day?
On March 11, the country will celebrate National 311 Day. This is a day to remember that 311 is the non-emergency number in many cities across the country. 311 is a resource for communities to connect with their city and non-emergency services. For decades, the 911 system was the only way to call for help. But that changed in 1996, when Baltimore, Maryland created its 311 system. 311 is easier to use than 911 and helps free up operators for true emergencies. The 311 system is an incredibly useful tool for brands to use. It invites citizens to be the eyes and ears of the city while more closely connecting the public sector to its citizens. The new system freed up emergency phone lines and shortened wait times for emergency calls, helping 911 dispatchers get emergency services to folks that need them more quickly. 311 is a very popular number in big cities. People call it to report concerns they notice in their own cities. Some examples of the kinds of reports residents make include graffiti, potholes, broken fences, and loud noise. In this age of the internet, we need a new number to call for non-emergency issues. The 311 system is already in use in most major U.S. cities, and it's spreading to smaller towns. This new system will save lives by keeping 911 available for emergencies only.
When is National 311 Day?
National 311 Day is observed on March 11th.
History of National 311 Day
The Fellows and the City of San José worked together to improve 911 and 311 response times. Google and San José, along with the cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Santa Clara County, launched National 311 Day in order to raise awareness about the non-emergency phone number and honor the ‘first’ first responders who field these calls.
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