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National 7-Eleven Day - 2021-07-11
What is National 7-Eleven Day?
7-Eleven is America's most well known convenience store. It has been around for what feels like forever and has even branched out into other countries around the world. On National 7-Eleven Day, the chain offers exclusive discounts on many products and free Slurpees, their signature product. 7-Eleven have cleverly positioned themselves to be the most famous Slurpee sellers, though the machine that makes them existed to make the Icee. It was modified and rebranded by 7-Eleven and is now their top-selling product.
When is National 7-Eleven Day?
National 7-Eleven Day is celebrated on July 7th, (7-11!) of every year. We celebrate this day in honour of the nation's favourite convenience store.
History of National 7-Eleven Day
7-Eleven was first started in 1927 as a convenience store under the name Southland Ice Company. In 1947, when the hours were expanded from 7 AM to 11 PM, the store changed its name. The first 7-Eleven Day was celebrated in 2002 when customers were invited in to their local 7-Eleven to enjoy a free beverage as a thank you for their continued support.
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