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National Absurdity Day - 2021-11-20
What is National Absurdity Day?
This Absurdity Day, make sure to let out the silly antics hidden inside you. Do things that are completely wrong and it will be okay because this is a day for fun! Absurd historical event! The first known vacuum cleaner was so large it had to be hauled from house to house via horsedrawn carriage. The hoses of this device were popped through windows, the gas-powered engine generated the suction that pulled dirt and debris into glass containers where onlookers could gawk at volume coming out of their neighbors' homes.
When is National Absurdity Day?
On November 20th, National Absurdity Day reigns supreme. It's the perfect day to take note of some completely off-the wall and ridiculous things people do!
History of National Absurdity Day
The absurdist movement was born out of post-world war II era, where the threat of nuclear bombs and concentration camps filled with innocent victims threatened humanity. In connection to philosophies like existentialism and nihilism this group believes there could be meaning but we'll never know for certain--hence they explore that ideology by constructing their own absurd realities in things
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