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National Acne Positivity Day - 2021-09-01
What is National Acne Positivity Day?
National Acne Positivity Day aims to spread a message of self love. On this national day, we take some time to be mindful of the way we treat ourselves on the basis of our appearance, and we do our best to try not to let it bother us anymore. Acne affects almost everyone at one point or another, and is the most common skin affliction in the world. It makes us feel vulnerable and insecure, and can have long lasting effects on our self-confidence and self-esteem. But none of that reflects who we are on the inside, and having acne does not have to derail our entire sense of self-worth if we don't want it to! We have the power over our own feelings, not the other way around! So give yourself a break, at least for today, and celebrate you, for you, and not for the way you look.
When is National Acne Positivity Day?
National Acne Positivity Day is celebrated on September 1st of every year.
History of National Acne Positivity Day
National Acne Positivity Day was founded by skincare company La Roche-Posay with the aim of helping consumers shed the stigma associated with acne.
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